San Marino: SMRTV officially unveils Senit

San Marino have just officially unveiled Senit as their 2011 Eurovision Song Contest entry, performing as the country’s second representative this year in Düsseldorf. reported the news last night, here, with the official announcement coming this lunchtime. Their press release reads: “Senit Zadik Zadik, better known as Senit, shares with San Marino RTV a common background and approach: she is a real citizen of the world. Born and raised in Bologna from an Eritrean family, she has already been involved in ambitious projects all around the world. Next May, she will represent San Marino in the Eurovision Song Contest.”

“San Marino will be represented in Düsseldorf by a cosmopolitan artist along with an international production team who will assure to the Republic of San Marino to meet the standards required by the contest. Senit and the members of the Sammarinese delegation will contribute with their artistic consistency, their professional approach and their know-how. San Marino RTV is marking its return to the contest with a renewed approach, in the framework of a remarkable effort”, it continued.

However, SMRTV is not just looking for a good finish this year: “as well as a good placement in the contest, our goal to send our entry in the European airplays and charts. Senit will represent the international and open-minded side of our Republic, following the path of other small countries like Luxembourg and Monaco, who had achieved great results in the Eurovision History”, they said in a statement.

More information about the entry will follow on their new website, The boradcaster is hoping to select nationals of San Marino as backing singers to have the country completely represented on stage.

Born in Bologna but of Eritrean origins, Senit made her artistic debut in Switzerland with the musical FAME in 1999, hsa since then has appeared in many other musicals including ‘The Lion King’ and Il Grande Campione. Her debut album was released in 2006 with the title of her own name, produced by Panit- a company more famed for producing football stickers. From 2007 to 2009 she released three albums, and was asked by Zucchero to support his concerts in 2007.  In 2009 she released “Party on the dancefloor”, and started presenting on television.  She currently works with producers who also work with artists such as as Pink, Destiny’s Child, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera and Busta Rhimes.