FYR Macedonia: SMS fraud discovered at Skopje Festival

Three persons were brought for an interview and numerous SIM cards were seized due to alleged fraud on Skopje Festival. Fraud attempts did not influence the final results, according to official police statements.

Police in Skopje (The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) detained for questioning three of four suspects, because of suspicions that they organized and conducted telephone fraud at Skopje Festival. At this festival, former winner of X Factor Adria, Daniel Kajmakoski was elected as Macedonian representative for Eurovision 2015.

As police stated after the Festival, and because of earlier reports that there are some doubts in voting results, they’ve conducted a search and have found 14 people with large numbers of phones and around 2.500 SIM cards used to sent SMS votes. After the interview the suspects were released.

According to media, the organizers of  vote fixing were an author and songs composer, owner of production company as well as manager of the company who organized telephone voting.

The team of Daniel Kajmakoski, winner of Skopje Festival and new Macedonian representative for  Eurovision song contest stated on official  Facebook page that they are not involved in this case: “Daniel and his team didn’t have any contact with the group of people involved in fraud with votes. We support the action of Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVR) and expect all details of this scandal to be published.”