“Snow art this year is completely different from sand art in 2011”

Kseniya Simonova will perform snow art during Moldova ‘s Eurovision performance in 2019. “This is something completely different from sand art, which I did for Mika Newton from Ukraine in Eurovision 2011.”

According to Simonova, snow art is technically much more difficult. This is also why the Moldovans experienced technical issues during today’s rehearsal. “We had some problems, but we hope they will be fixed soon.”

Watch Kseniya Simonova at the Moldovan press conference:

Many people compared this year’s Moldovan Eurovision performance to Mika Newton. Yet this makes no sense, says Simonova:

“Nobody can really understand just how different sand art and snow art are. Sand art needs total darkness. It is a system of contralight, which requires a shadow filter. Snow art requires a special light. It is not powder drawing at all. It is finger drawing but it is not connected with any material that falls down.”