“Who we are” is the song for San Marino

The long search in San Marino is over. Jessika has won the 1in360 final with the song ‘Who We Are’ and goes to Lisbon.

For the first time in history, San Marino has held a national final. After a big online round and two shows, the field was narrowed down to eleven potential singers from nine different nationalities. The winning song out of all these songs is “Who We Are”, by Jessika and Jenifer Brening.

“Who We Are”

Will this song help San Marino to reach the final?

San Marino has not been very succesful in Eurovision history.  From their 8 participations in the past 10 years, San Marino only qualified once for the grand final in 2014. Last year in Kyiv, Valentina Monetta & Jimmie Wilson finished on the 18th place in the semi-final.

Do you think Jessika and Jenifer will reach the final in Lisbon with their song “Who We Are”?

  1. Basti – “Stay”
  2. Camilla North – “Yo no soy tu chica”
  3. Emma Sandström – “Diamonds”
  4. Franklin Calleja – “Stay”
  5. Giovanni Montalbano – “Per quello che mi dai”
  6. IROL feat. Basti  – “Sorry”
  7. Jenifer Brening – “Until the Morning Light”
  8. Jessika feat. Jenifer Brening – “Who We Are”
  9. Judah Gavra  – “Stay”
  10. Sara de Blue – “Out of the Twilight”
  11. Tinashe Makura – “Free Yourself”