Finland: Song submission open and national final dates set

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The successor to Euroviisut, Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (New Music Contest) has opened its doors to song submissions until the end of September.

Submissions are open to all Finnish citizens and residents and foreign composers are allowed to enter in partnership with a Finnish resident on the condition that the leading vocals are performed by a Finn and it has not been heard before anywhere. Those interested in song submission should read the full terms and conditions on YLE’s home page here.

YLE has also announced the dates and judging panel for the contest. The show will be broadcast on YLE TV2 every Friday night from January 27th leading up to the final taking place on Saturday 25th of February.

The currently selected jury panel for the show consists of Pauliina Ahokas (Executive Director, Music Export Finland), Sami Häikiö (Project Manager, Music Export Finland), Anna Laine (Programmer, Radio Helsinki), Tomi Saarinen (Head of Music, YleX) and Jorma Hietamäki (Head of Music, YLE Radio Suomi).