The Netherlands: Songtitles for “Nationaal Songfestival 2011” announced

The songtitles for Nationaal Songfestival 2011 have been revealed during an interview with 3JS singer Jan Dulles on the “Eurovisie FM” programe on Stadsradio Breda.

The song titles are as follows:
• De stroom (The stream)
• Nooit alleen (Never alone)
• Toen ik jou vergat (When I forgot you)
• Ga dan niet (Don’t go then)
• Weelderig waardeloos (Luxuriously worthless)

The trio have worked with producers Guido Aalbers and Gordon Groothedde to create the songs. As we previously reported, “Nationaal Songfestival 2011” will take place on 30th January at 21:30 CET in Hilversum, hosted by Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau.