Spain: Edurne releases audio of ‘Amenecer’

Spain has released the audio of its Eurovision song today. After being chosen to represent the  Mediterranean country in January, Edurne wanted to make sure everything was perfect before releasing her song. The title Amanecer translates to “dawn” in English.

You can listen to the Spanish entry HERE, or watch the video at the bottom of this post!

Earlier in the week, the pop-singer released a video giving her anxious fans some insight.

  1. If it were to be a color, it would be an old gold.
  2. The location, would be place where none has been. Further relating to a sea or a lake inside a forest.
  3. If it were an animal, it would be a majestic bird.
  4. Lastly, if it were to a feeling, it would resemble that of heartbreak!

Along with the video on clues to her music video, there is a short twenty second intro. The video opens with a deep gold background. The camera is zooming into large pine trees as the sun is rising.

Finally, the final release of her song. Even though they lead us to believe it would be a video, the audio does a great job of showing her talent in the studio. Her lyrics relating to heartbreak, are easily relatable to the audience.

There is a hashtag to be used to share your thoughts on her song: #MiPrimerAmanecer.