Spain: Famous popsinger Edurne to Vienna

Spanish broadcaster RTVE has confirmed the participation of 29-year old popsinger Edurne on behalf of Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest. Edurne García Almagro is a big name in Spain, having released five successful albums so far.

Edurne also recently joined the cast of the third season of Tu Cara Me Suena (Your Face Sounds Familiar), a Spanish show where celebrities impersonate singers for charity. She also presented a comedy show called ‘Todo va bien’ and is known as the girlfriend of Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea.

The title of Edurne’s song will be ‘Amenecer’ – which translates as ‘Sunrise’. The song has been written by Tony Sánchez-Ohlsson, Thomas G.son and Peter Boström. According to, the song will be released ‘somewhere in the upcoming weeks’.

Earlier, OGAE Spain and Bluper falsely claimed that Marta Sánchez would go to Vienna. Spain is a member of the Big-5 and thus direclty qualified for the Grand Final on the 21st of May.