Spain: “Head of Delegation resigns after voting scandal”

Several media in Spain report that Federico Llano has resigned as Head of Delegation for Spain, due to the voting scandal that emerged after the national final in Spain.

When the show was over, there was a tie in Spain between Manel and Mirela. Xavi Martinez and Virginia Díez gave the minimum vote to Mirela and the maximum to Manel. Three jury members had to decide between the two. The result was a 2-1 victory for Manuel, despite the fact that the crowd seemed to be on the hand of Mirela.

As it turned out later, one of the jury members publicly supporter Manel with a message on Twitter, lighting the fuel even more. TVE plans to issue a statement on Sunday at 13.45 in La 2 to respond to all the criticisms generated by the gala.

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  1. The current Spanish entry should be disqualified. Brequette, LeKlein or at least Mirela should be sent instead. Remember who kicked out Brequette and ask yourself why :-). If Brequette were sent to Kiev the bookies odds would look very very different :-).

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