Spain: Listen to the six songs for the final on February 1st

Spanish broadcaster RTVE has released the six songs that will compete in a national final on Monday the 1st of February. Do you already have a favourite?

Check out all the full versions of the songs below:

María Isabel – La Vida Sólo Es Una

Electric Nana – Now

Maverick – Un Mundo Más Feliz

Salvador Beltrán – Días De Alegría

Barei – Say Yay!

Xuso Jones – Victorious


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  1. Victorious sound like glorious and still is to my taste the best choice out of the six based on studio recording. I can imagine Maria Isobel having a nice stage act. So these two I root for the Spanish preselectiob. These are also the ones I listened till the end the first time. Looking at time played this would be my result:

    1. Victorious (combination of both Bon Jovi and Dance, might work or fail dramaticly, all depends on the performance)
    2. La vida sola es una (uptemo the oldfashioned latino way, it’s okish, expecting a party on screen, then it ‘ll win in Spain be 10-15 in final in Stockholm)
    3. Dia de alegria (nice intro, nice voice, but dies like a candle flame)
    4. Say Yay (starts promising, gets too repetitive within the second minute)
    5. Un mundo as feliz (too slow and saltless to have any impact, expected uptempo latino dancetune)
    6. Now (I had such high hopes on Electric Nana, so obviously I’m disappointed).

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