Spain: Maria Isabel among six national finalists

Last week it was announced that this year’s Spanish Eurovision entry would be selected via a national final with six competing artists to be held in early 2016. This morning broadcaster RTVE reveals the list of hopefuls that will compete to represent Spain in Stockholm next May.

Since the announcement last week rumours have been circulating about which artists will be featured in the national selection line up, earlier this week it was even reported that the list of candidates had been leaked online, however ESCDaily can confirm that the official list will be completed this morning. The participants will be released via the RTVE Twitter page and website periodically over the morning, with half hour intervals between announcements. We here at ESCDaily will be updating our blog live as the participants are revealed so be sure to check back to see the full list of participants.

1- Xuso Jones – Xuso Jones (born 1989) is from Murcia in Spain, he has previously worked in Los Angeles and released his debut album in 2013. The song he will perform has been written by Peter Bostrom, who co-produced “Euphoria” and “Amanecer” in previous competitions. Originally a popular YouTuber who gained his credentials and recognition in 2009, he hopes to represent Spain in Stockholm with an “international and exciting” sound.

Xuso Jones

2- Salvador Beltran – Salvador Beltran (born 1992) is a Spanish songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has composed his own song for the competition. He has released two albums in Spain, the latest of which was released in April 2015, both receiving critical acclaim  and many awards within Spain. The song that he has written for Eurovision is said to “show the cheerful character of Spaniards”.

Salvador Beltran

3 – Maverick – Maverick (born 1996) is a Spanish singer best known for being associated with the latinpop genre. He rose to prominence in 2015 after competing in the Spanish version of The Voice. His song is described as a latinpop “anthem” that will “make the audience get up and dance”.


4 – Maria Isabel – The rumour is true. Maria Isabel (born 1995) will compete to represent Spain at Eurovision in 2016. Maria rose to prominence in 2004 when she won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest for Spain at just nine years old. Her win in 2004 was the last time Spain won a Eurovision event having not been successful in the Eurovision Song Contest since 1969. On the wave of success of her Junior Eurovision win, she released a string of singles and has toured extensively throughout the USA and Japan. Her latest album was released in November of 2015 and now she hopes to take on the Eurovision Song Contest at the age of 20.

Maria Isabel

5 – Electric Nana – Electric Nana (born 1987) is an indie artist from Madrid. She composes, produces, and arranges all of her own music as well as being a multi-instrumentalist. Her career began in 2007 where she began as a songwriter and producer working behind many Spanish movie soundtracks and working on material for other artists. She finally released her own debut album in 2015 and is now in the running to represent Spain at Eurovision in Stockholm.

Electric Nana

6 – Barei – Barei (born 1982) is an unknown Spanish artist who is hoping to represent Spain at Eurovision in 2016. She has been on the music scene mainly in the USA, where she has recorded cover versions of popular songs by Christina Aguilera and Stevie Wonder. Her song is said to have international appeal and she has taken inspiration from previous Eurovision winners including current Eurovision champion Mans Zelmerlow.