Spain: Surprise win as Barei goes to Stockholm

Tonight, TVE presented the Spanish national final of 2016 resulting in the shock win of Barei who will represent Spain in Stockholm with “Say Yay!”

Barei has won Objetivo Eurovisión tonight and will represent Spain in 2016 with her self-composed mid-tempo alternative dance track “Say Yay!”. She won both the televote and the in-studio jury votes however was second in the international jury to Salvador who placed third overall. She won with 114 points, twenty more than runner-up Xuso Jones who performed “Victorious”.

Tonight’s Results:

  1. Barei – Say Yay! (114)
  2. Xuso Jones – Victorious  (94)
  3. Salvador Beltran -Días de alegría (72)
  4. Maria Isabel (68)
  5. Maverick -Un mundo más feliz (66)
  6. Electric Nana – Now (66)

Barei was popular amongst the international fans but Spanish media had tipped tonight’s runner-up and 4th place participants: Xuso Jones and Maria Isabel respectively as favourites to win.

Tonight’s in-studio jury included Eurovision participants Edurne (Spain 2015) and Loreen (Sweden 2012) who both voted 12 points to Barei.


  1. Huh… sorry, but how exactly did María Isabel place third with 68 points and Salvador fourth with 72? The math sounds a little odd.

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