Spain: “This year, it was meant to be Mirela’s time”

After a very chaotic national final, Manel was the winner of Objetivo Eurovision because of a jury decision. According to Brandon McCann, for many Spanish fans, the artist that tied with him, Mirela, was the actual winner for Spain.

“When it came down to the voting, the jury shows their preferences towards Manel,” Brandon tells us about the way things turned out in Spain in our weekly podcast Scout Around. “While the fans and the crowd were very supportive of Mirela. It just became quite a chaotic ending to the show, and quite sad as well, as the fans were shouting Mirela and crying. It was quite upsetting to watch.”

For the first time in many years, many Spanish fans are also very critical on their own entry. Brandon understands them. “I think the Spanish eurofans are probably one of the most passionate and outspoken communities within the scene. Mirela has been a fan favourite for many years, because she took part before in the Spanish preselection. This was meant to be her time, I feel sad for her. But Manel also has the quality to connect with the female audience. I think he is not that bad, there is still a chance.”