Staging director Evagelinos: ‘Key to success is preparation’

The key to success in the Eurovision Song Contest is your preparation in advance regarding staging and camerawork. Fokas Evagelinos, the most succesfull staging director in the history of the contest, has said that in a exclusive interview with ESC Daily.

“I get influenced by the artists themselves. I never copy myself or others. You have to remember that it is a tv show. It is very important to keep that in mind. I only enter the contest with new things, big ideas. Otherwise I don’t take part, I want to uplift a song to a higher level. When the act is already fully done, there is no need for me to step in. I want to keep my track record and my own signature.”

And that track record is amazing. All nine songs that Fokas Evagelinos staged as a creative director between 2004 and 2014 finished in the top 10 of the contest. You can watch a short overview of his amazing track record here:

Fokas Evagelinos is not taking part in the 2015 contest, but if the right song and artist comes along, he might hop on the train again in 2016…

Track record of Fokas Evagelinos:
· 2004, 3rd place for Greece and Sakis Rouvas with the song «Shake it”.
· 2005, 1st place for Greece and Helena Paparizou with the song «My number one”.
· 2006, Creative director of the Eurovision Contest held in Greece.
· 2006, 2nd place for Russia and Dima Bilan with “Believe”.
· 2007, 6th place for Belarus and Dmitry Koldun with the song « Work your magic».
· 2008, 1st place for Russia and Dima Bilan with the song “Believe me” and 2nd place for Ukraine and Ani Lorak with the song “Shady Lady”.
· 2009, 7th place for Greece and Sakis Rouvas with the song «This is our night».
· 2013, 2nd place for Azerbaijan and Farid Mammadov with the song «Hold me».
· 2014, 7nd place for Russia and the twins Tolmachevy with «Shine».