Stefan Roscovan wins junior national selection

Eleven year old Stefan Roscovan has won the Moldovan national selection for Junior Eurovision, “Selectia Naţională”. Out of a total 12 songs, “Allibaba” came out on top. The groups “Lollipops” “Star-Ty” completed the top three.

Stefan, who lives in Chisinau studies at the “Mircea Eliade” school, and has been performing since the age of three. His late father, Antol Roscovan was a well known composer in Moldova. His mother, Angela Cabari is also a singer in the country.
He has won numerous national and international contests from an early age – at the age of 4 he won festivals in Ukraine, Latvia and Romania. In 2008 he participated in the childrens contest at “Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk”, winning the second -prize. In the same year he also won the Gold medil at “Dolphin Games 2008”. In July, in a duet with Madalina Lefter (JESC 2008 Romania), Stefan participated in ‘Mamai Copiilor’ festival in Romania. Stefan already has a large repertoire of songs, and released a CD titled “Deschideti portile”.

Stefan speaks Romanian and Russian, and is learning English and French. His favourite movies are from “Walt Disney” and Harry Potter series, and likes to read Moldovan folk tales. He also likes to play football, but has little time to train. He believes everything is possible, and doesn’t believe in the phrase “I can not”. Participation at Eurovision is a dream for him, so winning the Moldovan Junior Eurovision selection is an accomplished ambition.

“Allibaba” is a midtempo song mainly in Romanian, although it has some insertations of English. At the moment it’s unclear whether these will be kept in for the international final. The song is based around the arabian fictional character (from arabic literature), named “Ali Baba“. This isn’t the first time he was mentioned in a Junior Eurovision song: Denmark’s song in 2003 – “Arabiens drøm also references the character.

You can listen to the song below: