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Stella Mwangi is taking part in the Melodi Grand Prix 2011, in the 3rd Semi Final, with the song Haba haba.

Stella is 24 years old and realized her potential in music at the age of eight. Since she was 11 years old, Stella was active in the Norwegian hip hop scene. The talented artist has won in the 2006 Kisma Awards, the Most promising artist of the year award. Her single Take it back was a major hit in Africa & in Scandinavia. Her songs Crazy, Feeling Love and Swing, which she composed with The DNC was picked by the Position Music and Choice Tracks (based in L.A) as a soundtrack for the films Save the last dance, American pie, Redline and the series; CSI (New York) , Las Vegas, Ghost whisperer, Scrubs and Army Wives to name few. Go Getta from by her latest album Living For Music is used on America’s Next Top Model as the cycle 14 promo song and as backround music on the popular TV serie Melrose Place. Last but not least, she won the Favorite female artist award at the Chaguo La Teeniez Awards (East Africa) in 2010 and shes working on her next album. You can check out Stella’s interview on the below.

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You can listen to the preview of Stella’s entry in the Melodi Grand Prix 2011 here.

01. Hello Stella! Can you tell us a few things about yourself?
STL: Well i think i will need about 50 pages to write about myself.. haha! No I’m just playing. I like joking and fooling around, it helps me to relax and not take everything so serious. That’s why I love watching cartoons.

02. How did it feel when you were nominatated for the best new act at the 2009 MTV Africa Music Awards?
STL: That was huge for me! I moved to Norway with my family when I was 4 years old, so I grew up here doing music. So having that recognition in my home country is a true blessing for me.

03. So far, which moment do you consider as the most important in your career?
STL: That has to be when I was at the MTV African awards. When they were about to call out the winner for ‘Best new act’ and the whole crowd were screaming out my name over and over again. Here you can see a very special moment in my life. It made me realize that, even though I didn’t win the award, I won the people.

04. This year, you are taking part in the Melodi Grand Prix 2011 for Eurovision 2011 and Norway, can you tell us a few things about your song? What is your song inspired by?
STL: I have always been a huge MGP/Eurovsion fan. I remember when i was younger, my family and I used to watch it alot. I’ve always been a huge music lover, so i used to wish that i once would stand on a stage as big as the Eurovision. So when i finally decided that I was ready for it last year, i knew i had to write a song that meant allot to me. So I wrote a song about what my grandmother once told me; Haba na Haba hujaza kibaba. Which means, Little by little, fills up the measure. She told me that, its the small steps which takes you to your goal. So its important to enjoy those small steps.

05. What do you think will make people vote for your song in MGP? STL: I hope that the song will inspire people. The song’s message is about how to not always wait for the big bang, but actually work with what u got and being grateful for that. I’ve come to realize in my life and career that often what you are looking for, is right in front of you.

06. Are you a Eurovision fan? Do you have any favorite entry from previous years?
STL: I love songs that get me in a good mood, so my favorite one last year was Jessy Matador – Allez Ola Olé. I don’t understand french but when songs have a positive energy you don’t even have to understand the lyrics!

07. Finally, do you have any message for the readers and eurovision fans?

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