Stockholm 2016: Live-blog Day 3

Day three of rehearsals, but Day 1 for our very own Dami Im from Australia! Nicky Byrne from Ireland will also be rehearsing for the first time. ESC Daily is at the press center in Globen to follow everything live for you.

In the following blog, you can find the latest Eurovision news from Stockholm with the newest update appearing on top. For in-depth rehearsal coverage, check our rehearsal blog.

20:01 – End of the liveblog

The end of an eventful first day for Australia. Read back on everything that happened below!

19:50 – Video of Australia’s first rehearsal

19:23 – Preparing for press conference

Team ESC Daily is getting ready for Dami’s first press conference here in Stockholm.

18:40 – And here is the Lithuanian rehearsal

18:35 – See the Macedonian rehearsal online

18:30 – First pictures of Dami Im 

Dami Im

Dami Im 2

Dami Im 3

18:15 – First reactions on Twitter about Dami Im

18:00 – Onto the viewing room

Rehearsals are over. Our representantive is now leaving the stage and going into the viewing room to see what needs to be changed.

17:50 – Second runthrough even better

During the first chorus, Dami Im is sitting like a mermaid on a box. Beautiful blue spots are focused on Dami while she is swiping them. Internet cables projected on the floor (a cyber environment). Her silver wedding gown looks stunning when she walks to the front of the stage (second chorus). After her three minutes, there is a big applause in the press center.

17:35 – Good first rehearsal for Dami Im

Dami Im delivers a very good first rehearsal. She is opening in sitting position on a box. Halfway the song she gets it off and walks across the stage in her long bridal gown. Vocally it is very good.

17:20 – Irish rehearsal now online

17:15 – Backstage with Dami Im 

16:53 – Donny does not go full force

Both vocally and in terms of movements Donny is holding back in his first runthrough. We have yet to see his full act.

16:37 – Dami is backstage

Our representantive has arrived at Globen and is getting ready for her first rehearsal, in less than an hour.

Dami Im getting ready

16:30 – Serbian rehearsal can be viewed

16:15 – Powerful Kaliopi

Singer Kaliopi from Macedonia brings the ’90’s San Remo-sounding Dona in style. In a setting of gray with white rays and yellow stripes she brings the song vocally flawless. Also, there are subtle similarities to the video clip (for example red theater chairs). The Macedonian power woman doing good business.

15:45 – Rehearsal of Belarus can be viewed

Click here to see Ivan dance with wolves.


15:36 – Never change a winning concept

15:07 – Westlife singer is struggling vocally

Westlife singer Nicky Byrne is representing Ireland and although the singer has heaps of experience, his vocals are very substandard. Fortunately, the lighting effects (red and white) are beautiful.

14:40 – It is quiet in the press center

We are waiting for the next press conference which will be in another hour.

14:28 – Applause for Serbia

Applause for the rehearsal of Serbia. The 23 year old singer Sanja Vučić sings about domestic violence. This theme can in a very subtle way be seen on stage. The podium is especially highlighted by the colors red and silver.

14:11 – Video Israel available 

Hovi Star made a good impression on stage – see it for yourself!


14:09 – Dami Im gives credits to her team

13:57 – See below the rehearsal of Switzerland

13:46 – Ivan dances with wolves

The rehearsal starts with a video shot of a naked Ivan who is communicating with wolves. The guitarists and drummers are projected as 3D. Ivan is wearing an off-white colored jacket, beige pants and there are white stripes on his face.


13:38 – Twitterers are excited about Dami Im

13:19 – Break almost over

Belarus will be on stage next.

12:55 – Polish rehearsal can be viewed

Watch the video by clicking HERE.

12:50 – Justs’ addiction

Justs admits in his press conference that he is addicted to appreciation. “This started already when I was performing music on the streets.”

12:40 – Hoop for Hovi 

During the rehearsal singer Hovi Star from Israel is wearing dark clothing against a black and blue background. Halfway through the song there is a silver star projected beneath the singer and a blue illuminated hoop appears on the background. The vocals are okay, but can still be improved.

Hovi Star

12:25 – The dress of Dami Im has been revealed

12:10 – Latvian rehearsal now online


11:40 – Dami Im is everywhere

11:34 – A smoke machine for Rykka

A smoke machine in a dress for Rykka’s rehearsal and there’s also her blue hair. Unlike previous performances, her vocals are solid though.

10:58 – Ira Losco: ‘Top 10 result is like a first place in 2002’

Ira Losco has already had a big success at the Eurovision Song Contest, when she finished as runner-up for Malta in 2002. Still, she has returned to the contest, knowing that this result is hard to match. See through this link the interview we had with her.

10:45 – Projected words for Poland

Singer Michał Szpak from Poland is wearing a silver vest and during the show they will use many close-ups. Halfway through the song the words Color Of Your Life are projected on the screen and the Polish make use of red light beams.

10:20 – Greta Salome: ‘The contest has become stronger’

Greta Salome is one of the artists that has returned to the Eurovision Song Contest this year. ESC Daily spoke to her about this decision and the way she looks at the contest: ‘I think it has become stronger.’ See through this link the interview we had with her.

10:10 – Justs delivers vocally

Today, Latvia kicks off. Singer Justs is wearing a leather jacket, stands alone on stage and delivers vocally. After the performance you hear applause in the press center and that has to do with the simplicity of the podium presentation. 


10:02 – ‘Australia a contender for victory’

Professional gambler Rob Furber calls Australia one of the favorites although he himself is “lukewarm” about their chances. ‘Many of my colleagues see them as a contender, and their price has dropped a lot last night, too!’

09:49 – We count down to the first rehearsal of Dami Im

09:38 – “Serbia is a contender”

According to Ewan Spence, Serbia is a contender for victory now that Russia has not come up with a good rehearsal. Spence said so in the first episode of the ESC Daily Show, which aired last night.