Stockholm 2016: Live-blog Day 4

Stockholm 2016 has started with day four of rehearsals! Eight countries take the stage: Slovenia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Ukraine, Norway, Georgia, Albania and Belgium. Team ESC Daily reports from the press center in Globen to follow everything live for you.

In the following blog, you can find the latest Eurovision news from Stockholm with the newest update appearing on top. For in-depth rehearsal coverage, check our rehearsal blog.

18:10 – End of the liveblog

Thank you guys for following us here on day 4! Rehearsals are over, but stay tuned to ESCDaily for interviews and items, and of course a brand new episode of our talkshow Europe Calling.

17:45 – Video of Belgian first rehearsal

17:15 – Watch a snippet of the Albanian rehearsal

16:45 – Poli Genova clearly enjoys

16:31 – Here is Georgia

16:16 – Agnete ‘feels depressed’

The Norwegian singer cancelled all her press meetings for today. Rumour in the press center has it that she feels depressed today and was not in the mood for the rehearsals in the first place.

16:00 – Happy ending by Laura

Belgium closes the fourth rehearsal day and broadcaster VRT can be proud of her perfomance. The song is a bit Another One Bites the Dust in combination with Sax (Fleur East) and when singer Laura Tesoro – accompanied by four dancers – comes on stage, there are cloths in the colors of the Belgian flag in her hands. A sign for the rest of her performance. Pluses are that Laura looks good into the camera and is very well attuned to her dancers.

15:25 – Video for Agnete available

15:15 – Poli was not asked before Junior Eurovision

Otherwise than thought, Poli Genova has not been approached by broadcaster BNT to represent Bulgaria at the Eurovision Song Contest before she got to host the Junior contest in Sofia in November 2015. “I did not know I was going to do this,” Poli tells us.

15:00 – Static performance for Albania

The Albanian singer looks like Valentina Monetta in a golden stage. She does not impress too much. Her vocals are good, but the camera has to do the job, because nothing is really happening on stage. Overall very static performance.

14:31 – Stunning Ukrainian rehearsal now online

14:24 – Psychedelic performance for Georgia

Nika Kocharov and Young Georgian Lolitaz are on stage, giving quita the surprising performance. They try to copy the band members multiple times on stage, using a lot of special effects. Many times, the shots are not right yet, making the members accidentally dissapear. This is clearly not what the stage director meant for this song, and will probably worked on in the upcoming minutes.

14:10 – The Danish rehearsal is online

Watch it HERE!


13:45 – Norway copies athmosphere national final 

It’s time for singer Agnete from Norway. Icebreaker has a phenomenal intro (dance anthem Olympic allure), but when the chorus sets in the song changes completely. In terms of stage performance it all doesn’t differ much from the performance at the national final, but there are doubts. Agnete sounds sometimes a bit hard and the shots towards the dancer (in the background) are not always flattering.

13:05 – Norway up after the break

Currently there is a lunch break in the Globe Arena. After the break, around 13:40 CET, Norway will will be on stage next.

12:51 – Watch a snippet of the Bulgarian rehearsal

12:45 – Take a moment of silence

Lidia Isac (Moldova) and some members the accreditated press sang their tribute to the song ‘Moment of Silence’, by Ovidiu Anton, which has been disqualified from the contest two weeks ago.

12:40 – Ukraine is being received very well

12:35 – Check the Slovenian rehearsal below 

Manuella’s first rehearsal can be seen HERE.

12:20 – Jamala nails it

During the rehearsal of Ukraine, it was completely silent in the press center. On screen and stage you can see beautiful multicoloured projections and also vocally it is very good. Jamala makes a big impression.

11:52 – Singer Jamala from Ukraine is ready for it

11:31 – In-ear does not work for Denmark

We have seen two starts of the Danish song, but both times it did not finish because the boys started complaining about their in-ear. Denmark received extra rehearsal time because the microphone problem lied with the Swedish broadcaster.

11:24 – Poli cleans up

Second and third runthrough are better every time. Keeping in mind that she is an experienced singer who will most likely improve vocally, this is a likely qualifier, as thinks most of the press center.

11:10 – First pictures Bulgaria and Slovenia online

Bulgarije 1


10:48 – Nervous vocals

We all know that Poli can sing – but she does not show it (yet) in the first runthrough. Nerves perhaps? Sparkly visuals in the backdrop are beautiful. She wears a black dress with lighting straps, and is on stage without dancers.

10:42 – Bulgaria on any minute

Poli Genova has climbed up the betting ranks recently. Team ESC Daily is eagerly waiting for her first rehearsal.

10:25 – Pole vaulter for Slovenia

We start the fourth rehearsal with singer Manuella Brečko from Slovenia. She is wearing a white dress and during the song Red and Blue they are using (how predictable) a lot of red and blue lights. Halfway the song the singer on stage is accompanied by a pole vaulter that adds little to the Slovenian submission.

09:52 – The morning after

Good morning all! See below a picture of the press conference our Dami Im. Journalists crowding together to make a picture of Dami Im.