Stockholm 2016: Live-blog of Day 6

Stockholm 2016 has started with day six of rehearsals! Today, all the countries from the second semi final rehearse as well as Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom (from the Big-5). Team ESC Daily reports from the press center in Globen to follow everything live for you.

In the following blog, you can find the latest Eurovision news from Stockholm with the newest update appearing on top. For videos of the rehearsals, check our rehearsal blog.

22:02 – End of the liveblog

The day is almost over and we are closing the liveblog in order to focus on some last-minute interviews. Thanks for following us today, and if you just tune in now, feel free to read back on all the action through our updates below!

21:40 – Video for Belgium

The last video of the day can be seen below:

21:23 – Belgium swings the day away

Laura is now wearing kinda like the same glitter outfit as during the national final in Belgium. Her four dancers are all dressed in white suits, and the whole total package looks very, very smooth. The dancing moves are cool and come across quite well. Vocals are at times somewhat shaky, but Laura gets away with it with her young girlish charms. This is a likely qualifier.

21:17 – Great fun at the bar of Douwe Bob:

21:10 – Albania now in full swing

Eneda Tarifa is back for her second rehearsal. She is vocally very strong and is looking better wearing her long golden dress. The shots have remained quite the same and this remains a borderline qualifier, because of the great draw. See the video of their second rehearsal here.

20:50 – Meanwhile in the betting odds

20:44 – Few changes for Georgia

But the mirrored shots already go quite a bit better than during the first rehearsal. Here is our footage.

20:15 – A thinner dancer for Norway

The biggest change in the rehearsal for Norway is the switch they have made in their line-up on stage. Agnete and her team decided to replace the dancer that joins her on stage. The new dancing girl is a lot smaller than the one they used on Thursday. Furthermore we see not many changes in the staging and filming of the act. It can be compared to the act from the final in Norway. We filmed the rehearsal for you, and you can watch it here.

19:52 – Jamala silences everybody

It does not happen that often that the press centre is almost completely quiet during a rehearsal. But Jamala for Ukraine grabbed everyones attention with a mesmerizing performance once again. Stunning vocals, great visual power and a three minute during feast. This remains as strong as ever and is a true contender for victory. See for yourself.

19:30 – Denmark stays pretty the same

Not much has changed for Denmark, for their second rehearsal in Stockholm. You can check out their rehearsal here.

19:00 – Taking a break

Denmark will be up around 19:30 CET.

18:45 – Great fun in the streets of Stockholm

18:29 – Behind on schedule

Not just Dami’s press conference is delayed, the entire schedule will be running late. Denmark is the next rehearsal in 45 minutes. Team ESC Daily will use the time to work on the video for Australia’s press conference.

18:18 – Video for Bulgaria

Watch Poli Genova’s second rehearsal HERE.

18:11 – Dancers projected behind Poli

During her first rehearsal, it looked quite empty on the stage, but Bulgaria has decided to change the projected backing dancers behind Poli Genova. They look clearer now. Poli also sings a lot better than during her first attempt. She is still using the lighting equipment on her dress.

18:06 – Poli on stage, Dami in the press room

No worries about Dami – she has now arrived in the press room and is giving her press conference. Video footage will follow later. Poli Genova from Bulgaria is on stage for her second rehearsal.

17:59 – Postponed

Dami’s press conference will start later.

17:55 – The Common Linnets are heading to Stockholm

17:45 – Not many changes for Slovenia

Slovenia does not intend to make many changes. Singer Manuella Brečko is wearing (again) a white dress and they are using a lot of white and blue lighting effects. Halfway the song the singer on stage is accompanied by a pole vaulter that adds little to the Slovenian submission. Vocal is still adequate. Watch here the Slovenian rehearsal.

17:23 – Slovenia interrupted

First runthrough can not be completed. We are awaiting more.

17:00 – Sanja sings along to ‘Sound of silence’

Even Sanja is a fan of Australia this year. The singer from Serbia has just done her press conference and is singing along to the second rehearsal of Dami Im, at the press center.

16:58 – The Dami Army can be proud of their star

Stunning blue spinning visuals on the buildings behind Dami, still wearing her “Beyoncé” dress. Vocals are perfect as ever. It remains to be seen if the swiping act in the second verse comes across to all viewers. It suits the message of the song. A flawless runthrough, and a performance that should do well with both the jury and the televote.

16:50 – It’s almost time for our Dami Im

Australia, are you ready?!

16:35 – Lithuania goes green

Singer Donny Montell from Lithuania is wearing a leather jacket with words like FAITH and the year 1991 on it. At his feet green shoes: a color that you also can see in the stage presentation. This ensures that it is a more dynamic performance. Halfway the song singer Donny does a somersault and he hurts his ankle. Check her his rehearsal. 

15:59 – FYR Macedonia turns the stage dark

Colours and backdrop behind Kaliopi have changed completely. It’s dark blue and black in the beginning, and red and yellow fire at the end of the performance.

Check it out for yourself HERE!

15:51 – Video for Ireland

15:44 – Dami discovering Stockholm

Our very own Dami took a relaxed city trip in the morning before her second rehearsal.

15:32 – Finally some sunlight for Nicky
The visuals for Ireland have changed. We finally see some actual sunlight features in the visuals on the backdrop. Vocals sadly remain the biggest problem for Ireland. They are not as bad as for example Switzerland, but one should expect more from a well-established artist as Nicky Byrne.

15:29 – During the break…

Rykka posting a nice picture from right after her press conference.

15:03 – The Serbian clothes

We now finally see the clothes for the Serbian delegation on stage. You can see it as well via our video footage here. The black leather outfits fit the red background nicely. In a field with a lot of blue colours, this visual package stands out. Vocally good, although one note at the end remains difficult for Sanja.

14:45 – Weak vocals for Belarus

The rehearsal of Belarus starts again with a video shot of a naked Ivan (filmed from the side) who talks with wolves. During the act is singer Ivan assisted by 3D guitarists and -drummers. The Belarusian singer wearing a cream-colored jacket, beige trousers and there are white stripes painted on his face. Halfway through the song, there is green rain on a projection screen and there suddenly appears a shadow beside the singer. Most notable remains the strange final shot: 3D contours of a man who transformed into a baby. All this combined with the poor vocals of singer IVAN makes it a chaotic rehearsal.

14:28 – Video for Israel

You can find the link for Hovi Star’s rehearsal HERE.

14:20 – Germany is thinking ahead

“No internal selection next year,” Thomas Schreiber told ESC Daily.

14:00 – Very few changes for Israel

Hovi Star from Israel sings the melancholic ballad Made of Stars. It is not surprising that there is a silver star projected onto the podium in the last half minute. Compared to the previous time the act is slightly refined, but not many has changed. The golden hoop on the background is more subtle imaged. Vocally sound.

13:35 – Switzerland does not meet the standards

The journalists in the press center are laughing about the performance of Rykka from Switzerland. This has primarily to do with the strange movements during the performance. She has swapped her blue curls for style, gray hair. The vocals are substandard and with this rehearsal Switzerland seems to apply for the last place. Watch here the rehearsal of Rykka.

13:30 – Watch Joe & Jake online

13:20 – Michał Szpak goes Napoleon

This time, singer Michał Szpak is wearing a Napoleon-like vest (like during the national finals) and goes for a lot of red light effects. His vocals are significantly less than during the first rehearsal. Furthermore, it seems that the singer has gold teeth, but this impression can also be awakened by the light effects.

You can watch the Polish rehearsal HERE.

13:03 – ZOË from Austria is a fan of Poland

12:53 – Devil in the details

Justs is on stage for Latvia and he manages to improve slight details compared to the previous rehearsal. The visuals in the floor are crater-like shaped, with grey and blue – as it was for Hungary with grey and orange. Vocals strong. Backdrop colours are greenish, with a white strap down the middle of the stage.

12:32 – Videos for Germany and Italy available

Check out Jamie-Lee’s first rehearsal HERE.

And Italy’s Francesca has her video up HERE for you.

12:00 – More information on the Asia Pacific Song Contest

Australia is hoping that the first Asia Pacific Song Contest will air in March 2017. Paul Clarke said this in the ESC Daily Show, adding that he thinks that Australia can also still compete at the Eurovision Song Contest.

11:30 – Weak vocals United Kingdom

The United Kingdom sends the duo Joe Woolford and Jake Shakeshaft (both former members of the British edition of The Voice) which bring “You’re Not Alone”. During the song, you see a lot of selfies in the background. The vocals are weak and halfway it seems there will be some momentum (because it looks like they run towards the public), but that does not happen.

10:55 – Italy goes artistic

Singer Francesca Michielin from Italy brings “Nessun grado di separazione” in a very artistic way. You can see flowers on strings, Francesca stands on a grassy circle and a colorful forest is projected on the screen. Francesca is wearing a gold dungarees, is singing flawless and the Italians mainly worked with the green color. Afterwards, there is a loud applause in the press center. An excellent first rehearsal.

Italy 2 Italy 1

10:40 – Italy is delayed

Francesca’s rehearsal should have already started, but nothing on the screens just yet.

10:15 – ‘Not a lot of space in Globen’

‘There is not a lot of space in Globen for the fans to stand,’ says Neil MacInnes in this morning’s episode of Daily Coffee. Watch the whole episode below.

10:05 – Mediocre start for Germany

Today, Germany kicks off. Singer Jamie-Lee Kriewitz (who won The Voice of Germany) sings the mystical and Lorde-like song Ghost in substantially the same manner as the national final. At the decor a lunar landscape is projected, they work with green laser lights and Jamie-Lee is wearing a Japanese manga outfit. In terms of camera work, there is a lot of work to do, but there will undoubtedly still be worked on.

09:50 – Good morning all!

We are awaiting the first rehearsal of today: singer Jamie-Lee Kriewitz from Germany.


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