Stockholm 2016: Live-blog of Day 9

We are in the second week of the Eurovision Song Contest. Today, the first semi final will be held! Will top favorite Sergey Lazarev put Russia in the Grand Final? And how about the other countries with a 100% track record? ESC Daily is live at the press center to follow all the news for you.

Please note that the last dress rehearsal will start at 3PM CET. The Liveshow will start at 9PM CET. ESC Daily will not be commenting on every single performance today – since we have done that yesterday in our Jury Blog – but you will be able to find all the scores & news in this blog!

19:24 – To the arena

Team ESC Daily is getting ready to go to the arena. We wish you all a great show tonight and will be right with you afterwards with results and running order draw.

19:00 – In two hours from now…

18:56 – Sandhja getting make-up

18:50 – Sweden, France, Spain

These are the three countries voting along in the semi final tonight.

18:34 – Dinner time

No time for haute cuisine – Team ESC Daily is getting pizza. Less than three hours left!


18:06 – Russian jury dismissed

Russia’s participating broadcaster RTR proposed to withdraw the jury member who produced a video recording of her votes. As a consequence, the EBU declared the voting result of the respective judge invalid. The other four judges submitted a valid jury vote. RTR will have the opportunity to provide a replacement judge for the Grand Final on Saturday 14 May. Source: EBU.

17:26 – Less than four hours to go

We are getting closer….

16:36 – All songs have been done

The last rehearsal is almost done, as all 18 acts have been performed now.

16:00 – Lot of kids in the venue

There are always a lot of children at the third dress rehearsal which takes place in the aftenoon of the actual show. They are having a great time so far during the show. Even though we hear many artists are saving themselves for the big night.

15:30 – Seven artists will make their comeback this year

What are the do’s and don’ts for these comeback artists? We made a reportage about this issue:

15:14 – Predict & win!

We are under six hours to go and the tension is rising. Who do you think will qualify tonight? Try your luck in our prediction contest and win Eurovision CD’s!

Click here for more info.

15:00 – One more Dress Rehearsal

As Montenegro would say: In six hours we will get The Real Thing. But for now, everyone will one more time rehearse the full show in the Globe Arena.

14:40 – Graham Norton wants Australia out

The British commentator thinks Australia does not belong in Eurovision, he told newspaper The Sun. Whether or not Norton is envious of the fact that Australia seems to have found the right Eurovision strategy while the UK is still struggling, is not discussed in the article

14:02 – Embassy Party

ESC Daily went to the Australian Embassy Party yesterday at the Euroclub. Watch our video report, including Dami Im’s acoustic live performance, below:

13:15 – “Hard to imagine a final without Greece and Azerbaijan”

The newest episode of Daily Coffee is online; Brandon McCann desperately needs the coffee after the Israeli party last night, while chief editor Steef van Gorkum is eating fruit to get some well-deserved vitamins.

In the conversation, presenter Dennis van Eersel claims that Azerbaijan and Greece might both not qualify for the final for the first time in the history of the contest. Chief editor Steef van Gorkum and Brandon McCann reply, stating Azerbaijan still has a serious chance of qualifiying thanks to good televoting. “The vocals are extremely weak, but the song and staging are still good enough to let it sneak through.”

13:02 – Less than eight hours

The famous phrase “Good evening Europe!” is coming closer and closer.

12:56 – Bella Paige

The first Australian representative at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest has warm memories of Poli Genova, whom she met in Sofia last fall. Poli will not perform tonight but on Thursday in semi final 2.

“Receiving an incredibly heart-warming message and shoutout from the beautiful Poli Genova representing Bulgaria, live from the red carpet all the way from Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden! Wishing you an amazing performance and good luck this weekend! Can’t wait to watch SBS Eurovision and sending you so much love! ❤️”

12:44 – Yesterday

People are still recovering from the big scoop that ESC Daily brought you all yesterday: Justin Timberlake performs in the Grand Final on Saturday!

12:31 – Start of the day

It is semi final day! The liveshows of the Eurovision Song Contest are finally about to start. Let’s start the countdown – less than nine hours until the show!

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