Stockholm 2016: ‘Swedes might aim for a shorter rehearsal schedule’

The Eurovision Song Contest is coming back to Sweden next year. In our podcast ESC Monthly, chief editor Steef van Gorkum and Dennis van Eersel spoke about what we can expect from Stockholm 2016, compared to the previous shows in Sweden.

What we know from Malmö two years ago is that the SVT is feeling the obligation to keep Eurovision something that all nations can be a part of. They want to reduce the costs. But there are two sides to that story, says Van Gorkum:

“Reducing the costs is not only for the participation countries, but also for the organising broadcaster. SVT has set a limit, Stockholm will not exceed the limits of Malmö 2013. I can imagine hotel costs in Stockholm being more expensive, but a way more effective way to reduce these costs is to narrow down the time that a delegation needs to be in a hotel. For some countries, the allocation draw is some important. Because being in the first half of the first semi, compared to the second half of the second semi, will cost you three extra nights. It might be that the Swedes are going to aim for a shorter rehearsal schedule.”

Can Stockholm 2016 even be compared to Malmö 2013, a complete different city? Or to Stockholm 2000, which is over 15 years ago, whilst the contest has evolved since then.

“It’s hard to compare the current contests to when it was just a one week event,” says Van Gorkum. “And Stockholm is of course a different city than Malmö. You can hardly call it a city. It has this cosy smalness. I imagine it will be bigger in Stockholm, a different vibe. But of course, what we really noticed in Malmö, there was Eurovision music playing all over the place. The country just loves it. And we will get that again in Stockholm, there is no country where Eurovision is as big as in Sweden.”

You can find the full 40 minute podcast of this month by clicking here!