Stockholm 2016: Tips for your trip to Eurovision

Many people are wondering what they need to do to go to the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. Our American editor Jill Guthrie has gone to Eurovision a couple of times before, and has some good advice for you when it comes to tickets and accommodation.

“The first thing you think about is how to get tickets for the shows,” says Jill in our monthly podcast. “That is quite difficult, especially if you are not from Europe. They sell out pretty quickly. My advice is to join a fanclub, like OGAE, and buy a fan package. There are no gurantees you will get tickets, but the chances are higher.”

“The next thing is to think about the location you’ll want to stay at. Apartments are usually cheaper than hotels. And depending on public transport by night you need to think about the fact if you want to be closer to the arena for the shows, or closer to the Euro Village and Euro Fan Café for parties when the shows are over.”

You can more in the full episode of our Montly Podcast.