Stockholm 2016: Live-blog of Day 11

For the first time in Eurovision history, Australia will participate in a semi final tonight. Dami Im has the huge task of bringing us to the Grand Final on Saturday. Follow all the news live here on ESC Daily!

Until 8PM CET tonight, roughly one hour before the show, this liveblog will guide you through this big day. During the show, however, Team ESC Daily will be in the arena. We will then tune back in with you right after the shows at roughly 11:30PM CET for the results & the running order draw at the press conferences. Hopefully Dami will be a part of that!

20:02 – Less than an hour

Enjoy the show tonight guys! We are heading to the arena now.

19:45 – Dressing up

Dami Army Steef

19:31 – Dami is getting there

19:16 – Under two hours

Dami will perform as tenth tonight. Latvia opens, Belgium closes the show. Top favorite Ukraine is on at number 14.

18:35 – Julia and Sam are ready!

18:31 – Where will you be watching?

Our team will be in the arena, but there is also the press center, the Euro Village, Euroclub… And that is just for those who are in Stockholm. Perhaps you will be watching from home, on tv with your friends, in a bar… Let us know!

18:00 – Exactly three hours to go

17:40 – Predict & Win

Do not forget to send in your predictions for tonight’s show & win Eurovision CD’s! Find more info HERE.

17:09 – No Romania tonight

Romania was disqualified due to financial troubles. ESC Daily went out to investigate how other poorer broadcasters manage to stay (succesful) in Eurovision.

16:30 – 50% jury vote

The results of tonight have already been decided for 50% by the professional jurors last night. This is how we estimate their opinion: LIVEBLOG JURYSHOW SEMI 2.

15:52 – “Important to get to the final”

Julia ZemiroFor the Australian commentator Julia Zemiro, Eurovision 2016 is extra special. For the first time, her country will compete in the semi final. “All the other commentators say: Now you know how nervous we are. And it is true. Eight countries will go home from our semi final, and you have had contact with them behind the screen and you know this part of their dream is now over. That is why it is so important to get in to the final.”

15:07 – Under six hours

The second semi final is getting closer and closer. Dami should be getting her make-up fixed in not too long from now!

14:49 – SBS comments on Graham Norton

SBS Australia has replied to the words of BBC commentator Graham Norton, who said Australia should get out of Eurovision, since they are not a part of Europe. On the website of SBS, a firm reaction can be found. “Norton’s comments seem to exemplify the British exceptionalism that colours UK relations with the rest of continental Europe.”

14:20 – “Quality scores at Eurovision”

Thus says professional gambler Daniel Gould in last night’s episode of the ESC Daily Show. He also congratulated Dutch DJ Giel Beelen on the fact that the Netherlands “is raising the bar at Eurovision.” Giel Beelen is known as the man who discovered Douwe Bob, who reached the Grand Final on Tuesday.

14:04 – Matchday

Belgian commentator Peter van de Veire is nervous on the morning of the second semi final. Meanwhile, we are less than seven hours away.

13:45 – “Second semi is a minefield”

The panel on Daily Coffee this morning is very worried about their predictions for the second semi final. The field is so leveled out, that it is hard to know who will qualify, especially after the surprising results on Tuesday. “This semifinal is a minefield!” presenter Dennis van Eersel states.

13:28 – Let’s start the countdown

Less than eight hours left until the second semi final, where Dami Im will perform for Australia.