Successful rehearsal for Duncan Laurence: Lightbulb comes down and goes up again

The first dress rehearsal for semi 2 has been a successful one for Duncan Laurence. The Dutch representative sat behind the piano while his often discussed ball of light came down from the ceiling and went back up again.

Earlier in the week, the KAN production team had struggled with lifting the lightbulb and hanging it on the ceiling. EBU even scheduled an extra technical rehearsal on Sunday to fix the issue.

Tonight, we did not see the light for the first 1.5 minute of the song. During the bridge, it comes straight down from the ceiling and hangs in front of the piano. We then get a beautiful pan shot of Duncan Laurence behind the lamp, after which the light rises straight back up into the sky.

The Netherlands, top favorite to win Eurovision with the bookmakers ever since the song came out, will be happy with the result of this rehearsal. Earlier in the rehearsal week, people from the Dutch delegation had complained about KAN and its camera work. Ilse de Lange and Hans Pannecoucke requested the stage to be much darker than KAN wanted.