Supernova final preview: Will Markus Riva finally sing for Latvia?

On Saturday the 24th of February, seven artists will compete in the final of Supernova in Latvia, to win the Latvian ticket to the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. Markus Riva tried to go to Eurovision a couple of times before. Will this Saturday become his night?

After the second semi final, a shock elimination for Markus Riva was a fact. or so it seemed. Because of a malfunction in counting the televotes, he should have qualified. Therefore, he gets to take part in the final as additional seventh finalist after all. What a story t would be, if he would win the competition…

Dennis van Eersel saw the three semi finals of Supernova, missed the Riga Beaver, and now tells you his thoughts on the eight potential acts for Latvia in Lisbon. The running order is at least in favor of Markus Riva and Laura Rizzotto…

01. Sudden Lights — “Just Fine”
02. Ritvars — “Who’s Counting”
03. MADARA — “Esamiba”
04. Liene Greifane — “Walk the Talk”
05. Lauris Valters — “Lovers Bliss”
06. Edgars Kreilis — “Younger Days”
07. Laura Rizzotto — “Funny Girl”
08. Markus Riva — “This Time”

Markus Riva – This Time

Let’s start things of with the big name. Will ‘This Time’ be the moment of glory for Markus, who took part in Supernova since 2015 and was also in the Latvian preselection the year before. His story is amazing, after being eliminated and now still in with a chance to win it. However, people in Europe do not know that story and do not know Markus Riva. He is a great singer, we can all hear that. But is this song strong enough for him to do well at Eurovision? There might be a better option for Latvia to choose from in the final. But still, no one would regret it if Markus Riva finally gets to represent Latvia.

Laura Rizotto – Funny Girl

The winner of the third semi final (she has to be) is Laura Rizotto. Perhaps she is the biggest competition for Markus Riva to keep him away from Eurovision again. A light-jazzy mysterious staged song, being delivered with confidence and great vocal capabilites by a beautiful singer. What’s not to like about this potential Latvian entry?

Edgars Kreilis – Younger Days

In Latvian press, Kreilis has been labelled as “new kid on the block” and “Markus Riva’s biggest challenger”. The song “Younger Days” makes impact, because it covers a serious topic. The influence that fighting parents have on the well-being of their children.

MADARA – Esamība

This entry shows the variety of Supernova, making it a nice final to follow on Saturday. A classical song, in Latvian, sang by MADARA who plays the double bass on stage. Sometimes she is struggling with the vocals, but is is surely an interesting entry in the line-up in Latvia.

Lauris Valters – Lovers Bliss

Lauris has a great voice and a swinging tembre in his song ‘Lovers Bliss’. A retro entry in the Supernova final and a rightful qualifier of the strong third semi final. I expect this to finish in the middle of the pack in the final.

Ritvars – Who’s Counting

Almost a spoken word-entry, ‘Who’s Counting’ is filled with class and a good message behind the song. Ritvars might lack the appearance of being a Eurovision star, but he is definitely a talented musician. A moment of rest in a Eurovision, this would be in Lisbon. I don’t think it makes enough impact to go that far, though.

Liene Greifāne – Walk The Talk

I have to be honest: Reaching the final was the maximum result for Liene. She took part in the weakest semi final of Supernova (the first show) and that should have been the main reason she got through to the final. The lyrics of her song are a mix of dated clichés and this should not be the Latvian song for Lisbon.

Sudden Lights – Just Fine

Sometimes at Eurovision preselections, wildcard winners can surprise at the national final. Will this be the case with Sudden Lights? Probably not. On Tuesday, they surprisingly won the wildcard, handed out by broadcaster LTV, making ‘Just Fine’ the 8th song in the grand final.

Have you made up your mind yet?

Do you have a favourite in Latvia? We are curious to know! You can follow the conclusion of Supernova 2018 this Saturday at ESCDaily.


  1. Interesting commentary.

    Markus has never been the potential winner and nor is going to happen this year. It is strange to imply that he is the main candidate.

    Commentary and general vibe in Latvia shows that it will be a tight race between Madara and Laura Rizzotto.

  2. Markus is a great singer!Have had this “This time”on repeat today….as usual, it is such a brilliant song from MarkusRiva.You are a fantastic singer and I hope to see you at #Eurovision some year.
    Thanks you so much for your music!

  3. “Funny girl” is the one to beat, not that cheap entry by a many times very off-key singing Markus Rivas. He may have the looks, he lacks the vocal abilities to make a weak song strong. He’d better come back next year with a decent song which he can sing.

    Laura Rizzotto has a mystical song, good vocals and in potention good arm choreography, needs to be improved. When she sways her blond hair she constantly reminds me in a funny way of Miss Piggy from The Muppets, but that doesn’t harm her performance. It’s a very interesting song that I like to see winning.

    Madara is another very interesting singer/act. Allthough I don’t like the sound of her voice, it’s a bit too harsh. Still the cello works fine with me.

    Hopefully the winner will be one of those to female singers and not the weak male singers Markus or Edgars, who might attract an audience, but aren’t the best performers.

    None of the eight songs would do much in Lisbon though I’m afraid.
    But the final line-up is interesting in Latvia.

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