SVT: ‘Eurovision should be broadcast at 8PM’

Organizing broadcaster SVT wants the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest shows to start at 8PM instead of the usual 9PM. Executive producer Martin Österdahl said this to Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter (DN).

DN published a feature this week about the organisation of Stockholm 2016, and the first plans drafted by the organisation. The change of the time slot is one of those. ‘Eurovision is so popular in Sweden, because it is a family show,’ Österdahl stated in the article. ‘But we have to face the fact that in Eastern Europe, the broadcast finishes really late due to the different timezones. Then it will be difficult for young children to stay awake.’

In the article it is also mentioned that the 2016 contest may not exceed the budget spent in 2013 (Malmö). ‘The growing costs of Eurovision were not sustainable, and so we started downsizing the contest in 2013. This year, we want to maintain this trend,’ says Österdahl.

The EBU has yet to agree with the proposed changes.