Sweden: “Despite criticism, Melodifestivalen should keep this voting system”

Robin Bengtsson won the final of Melodifestivalen 2017, especially because of the votes of the international jury. This has caused some controversy in Sweden, but our reporter Allie Lindo thinks SVT should stick to this voting system.

“One thing that the international jury gives you, is that you get a perspective of what the rest of Europe is looking for,” Allie explains in our podcast Scout Around. “Ultimately, the winner will compete on an international stage. I think it is still the best method, but I am sure that several people will disagree with me!”

Allie Lindo also hands out a compliment to SVT, as they had extremely good viewing ratings for their shows again. “They take Eurovision serious, but they don’t take themselves too seriously. That is how they keep people connected to their vision on Eurovision. It is fun to watch.”

The vibe at the Friends Arena

Of course we also had one of our team members of ESC Daily in the venue, where the final of Melodifestivalen was being held. Brandon McCann got to see the show and tells us about the sphere: “It was quite packed, all tickets were sold, and the staging production was awesome. To see all the lights and sparkles. The overall feeling is just like Eurovision. The city of Stockholm however was not the same. Seeing Euroclub empty, pure stone and walkway. But it was good to be back.”