Sweden: Donny Montell wants to enter Melodifestivalen 2018

Donny Montell has shocked many Eurovision fans. The Lithuanian singer is after a new Eurovision challenge – in Sweden!

Donny represented Lithuania twice at Eurovision. In 2012 with ‘Love is Blind’ and in 2016 with ‘I’ve Been Waiting For This Night’. In an interview with RTL TV show ‘Good Morning, Lithuania’ he stated that he wants a different sort of challenge within Eurovision. He wants to attempt to represent Sweden. This means he would have to enter one of the biggest selection shows, Melodifestivalen.

Melodifestivalen is not as long in length as Eurovizijos, but there is more at stake in Melodifestivalen. There is potential for him to go up against former winners and other big international superstars. Every year the “Melfest” line-up is filled with big names, and Donny Montell wants to be one of them.

In the interview, Donny mentioned that he is still patriotic to Lithuania:

So far, I cannot say anything. This means that I am neither confirmed or denied, but my patriotism in this case is great. I offer a number of things related to Eurovision in Sweden, but I think I am too big a fan of this country.

– Donny Montell on Good Morning Lithuania

However he does say what has been giving him the idea, and the thoughts for and against competing in Melodifestivalen:

The only thing that makes me think about it – How can you give up your party? Integrity to represent your own country, and to get less? Or to hear the comments, but give the party amid the world.  This is a very huge spiders web. This is how I want to pick up more of this country.

The full quotations can be found here on delfi.lt.