Sweden: ‘Isa placed in Andra Chansen was a shocking result’

David Lindgren and Wiktoria made it through to the final of Melodifestivalen this weekend. Their qualification also meant the elimination of Krista Siegfrieds and Isa in Andra Chansen. Editor Allie Lindo was in Malmö to follow the show for us: “The fact that Isa did not got through shocked me.”

Lindo continues: “I did not feel like I saw anything new with the act of David Lindgren. Some people felt that he did not deserve to put through directly in to the final. The fact that Isa did not got through shocked me. I guess the Swedish people had a different opinion than I did!”

There is less discussion about the other qualifier: Wiktoria. There is even a small hype around her song ‘Save Me’. “There were some people that were questioning whether or not her song is as powerful as it had been made out to be. I do think she has a strong chance. It is a good combination of stage set-up and lyrics.”

Krista Siegfrieds, who represented Finland at Eurovision 2013, got eliminated from the show. To much surprise for some, as expected for others: “We had some debate in the pressroom before that show about her chances. Half the people I spoke to thought it was a catchy song with a good hook. But the other half thought that being Finnish would hurt her chances. I do not know if that was the case though.”