Sweden: Loreen charts in 14 European countries!

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The hot favourite contestant to win this year’s Eurovision Loreen, who’s representing Sweden is currently charting in 14 European countries on iTunes. Euphoria, a song written by Thomas G:Son and Peter Boström is number one in four countries right now, Sweden, Lithuania, Estonia and Finland. Besides these countries, the song is also a big hit in Norway and Greece, charting Top 10.

Norway: 3 
Greece: 9 
Spain: 22 
Cyprus: 33 
Denmark: 39 
Bulgaria: 45 
Malta: 73 
Luxembourg: 85 
Netherlands: 88 
Latvia: 94 
Slovenia: 99 
Belgium: 157 
France: 173 
Austria: 178 
Ireland: 182 
Switzerland: 243 
Slovakia: 281 
United Kingdom: 371 
Germany: 420 
Romania: 669

Besides the charts, Loreen is a hot favourite in OGAE, Eurovision fan clubs, and every Betting-Odds websites. Loreen herself, challenged herself not to listen to any songs this year, participating in Eurovision so she can concentrate on her performance only. To an interview for SVT, Loreen stated that Zeljko Joksimovic and the Russian Grannies are her biggest challengers.