“Sweden needs a wake-up call for Melodifestivalen”

Melodifestivalen 2018 has not delivered the goods, in the way Sweden has done so in previous years. The only way for Sweden to get their preselection back on track, is if they would get a bad result at the Eurovision Song Contest in the upcoming years.

 “In many sports you see that sometimes people need a wake-up call for something to actually change,” says Allie Lindo in our podcast about Melodifestivalen.

“You could see a change in the voting system, after the international jury had so much influence last year. Now the choice of the Swedish people will actually get to go, and that is what they wanted. So if the results are not the way SVT wants is, they can change things,” says Allie.

There is some debate now in Sweden about the app-voting at Melodifestivalen and how it is excluding another generation at voting along in the contest. “Some people see this is the future, and embrace it. Other people dislike these changes, as you see often.” In this case file, you can read all about online voting at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Sweden always at the final of Eurovision

A true wake-up call would be Sweden not qualifying for the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. This is not likely however, as this only happened once. In 2010, Anna Bergendahl failed to qualify with the sheepish ballad ‘This Is My Life’.

Expectations of Sweden at Eurovision 2018

Benjamin Ingrosso won the competition on Saturday, and if he is able to come up with good vocals (there is no backing track allowed in Lisbon) he will probably qualify for the final. But winning the contest? The big dream of Christer Björkman to defeat Ireland as the nation with most Eurovision victories will probably not be fulfilled this year.