“Sweden often top 10 with Eurovision televoters, but the bar needs to be higher”

Steef van Gorkum and Torbjörn Ek

It is a good thing that Christer Björkman is moving on to other things, says Toby Ek from Aftonbladet. “He did no longer have the urgency to push Sweden further in Eurovision.” In Rotterdam Inside, the unofficial Eurovision talkshow, Ek speaks about Sweden’s recent Eurovision streak and Tusse’s chances in Eurovision 2021.

“Our televoting results have not been as bad as people think,” says Ek. “We have actually always been top 10 except for Benjamin Ingrosso. However, the bar needs to be higher than that. We are Sweden, top-5 is always our minimal goal. And this year, it seems as if we will not get there.”

ESCDaily organizes this Eurovision talkshow together with OGAE. Check out our latest episode including interviews with Sweden’s singer Tusse and Event Supervisor Sietse Bakker!

Check out the full episode of the Eurovision talkshow below!

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