“Sweden or Poland will win second semi of Eurovision 2022”

The second semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 is a two horse race. Either Sweden or Poland will win it, at least according to Erik Bolks and Steef van Gorkum. They make their predictions in Daily Coffee, our Eurovision podcast.

In our Jury Rehearsal analysis, we predicted Cornelia Jakobs from Sweden and Ochman from Poland to have topped the jury vote of Eurovision 2022 Semi Final 2.

“We will have a couple of surprises in this second semi final,” says Erik Bolks. Van Gorkum adds: “Many people are not certain about Azerbaijan, but he finished top 5 with juries last night. Therefore it seems like a certain qualifier.”

Listen to our full Eurovision podcast about semi final 2:

Podcast host Dennis van Eersel also asks about Czechia. Will juries rate this similar to “other trashy entries”? Van Gorkum: “No, I don’t think they will consider it trashy. The genre is divisive, but it is not something that is beneath jurors. Czechia could still be 10-12 with juries in the semi and will easily qualify.”

Bolks prefers the Estonian entry. “Easy qualifier. The singer is enjoying himself and he is one of the few who is not too serious. That is contagious, and the song has instant appeal.”