Switzerland: “Apollo will not deliver a revival for the Swiss at Eurovision”

According to our editor Brandon McCann, who covered the Swiss final for Eurovision 2017, ‘Apollo’ was the best song to win the contest. However, it will probably not be an entry to turn out the negative results of Switzerland at the contest in recent years.

“It was quite a poor selection in general” Brandon looks back on the final in Switzerland in our podcast Scout Around. “But some of the songs stood out and Switzerland picked the right winner. That is, when you look at the acts with the best chance of qualifying. It is a good step in the right direction, when compared to last year.”

The last two years, Rykka and Melanie René did not make it to the final of Eurovision by far. And Timebelle might have more chance of doing well, a top-10 result seems to be out of order. “The issue again is if it has a enough impact. ‘Apollo’ will not deliver a revival for Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest. I am optimistic about their progress, but if Timebelle is not succesful, it is time to change their strategy.”