Switzerland: Lidia Isac does not make the cut for National final

SRF, the German broadcaster in Switzerland, has announced the lucky six artists that will take part in the national final. Lidia Isac, who represented Moldova this year in Stockholm, did not make the cut in Switzerland.

Last Sunday a live audition round took place in Switzerland, where Lidia Isac took part together with 20 other artists. Timbelle managed to get through, after they took part in 2015 also, when the group finished in second place in the Swiss preselection. Besides Timbelle, the Swiss final is filled with five female solo artists.

These six songs can be heard on the Eurovision website of SRF. The final will take place on Sunday the 5th of February.

Freschta – Gold
Ginta Biku – Cet air là
Michèle – Two Faces
Nadya – Fire in the Sky
Shana Pearson – Exodus
Timebelle – Apollo