Switzerland: Running order and host Sven Epiney announced

SRF, the German speaking national broadcaster in Switzerland, has confirmed that Sven Epiney will once again host the Eurovison national final-Entscheidungsshow, which will be be held on Friday the 5th of February. The running order for the final has also been revealed.

You could read about the line-up for the show earlier at ESCDaily.com. Six female singers will try to win a ticket to Kiev in February through a televoting system.

1. Nadya: The Fire In The Sky
2. Ginta Biku: Cet air là
3. Michèle: Two Faces
4. Freschta: Gold
5. Shana Pearson: Exodus
6. Timebelle: Apollo

Sebalter, who represented Switzerland in 2014 and was the last act to reach the final for the nation, will be performeing as a guest in the Swiss national final.