Switzerland: “Unbreakable” to Baku; Full results online (UPD)

The band “Sinplus” have become victorious in the Swiss national final “Die Große Entscheidungsshow” (The big decision show), with their song “Unbreakable”. They emerged on top over 13 other participants, in a 2¾ hour show.

The show was presented by SF host Sven Epiney, in front of a large audience from the Bodensee Arena in Kreuzlingen. Sinplus were chosen as the winner after voting from the Swiss public showed that they were their favourite act. A 3 strong panel; made up of Nik Hartmann, Carlos Leal and Stämpf sat in front of the singers and gave their opinion after each song was performed, however they did not have any direct input on the results.

1. Sinplus – Unbreakable (17.87%)
2. IVO – Peace & Freedom (16.02%)
3. Chiara Dubey – Anima nuova (13.82%)
4. I Quattro – Fragile (10.56%)
5. Katherine St-Laurent – Wrong to Let You Go (9.91%)
6. Patric Scott feat. Fabienne Louves – Real Love (9.81%)
7. Raphael Jeger – The Song In My Head (5.96%)
8. Lys Assia – C’était ma vie (5.46%)
9. Macy – Shining (3.49%)
10. Atomic-Angels – Black Symphony (2.36%)
11. Emel – She (1.3%)
12. Guillermo Sorya – Baby Baby Baby (1.19%)
13. Ze Flying Zezettes Orchestra -L’autre (1.17%)
14. Sosofluo – Quand je ferme les yeux (1.08%)