Tamta: “Maybe Sacha Jean-Baptiste saw a little Madonna in me”

Tamta Eurovision rehearsal Cyprus

Cyprus’ singer Tamta is honoured that people compare her looks and visuals to Madonna. However, Madonna was not a direct inspiration for her performance. “We created the visuals a long time before we knew that Madonna is coming.”

Sacha Jean-Baptiste, the renowned Eurovision stage director who was also behind the staging for Eleni Foureira’s “Fuego“, created the visuals for Tamta. “She started working on our performance months ago. At that point we did not know that Madonna will be at Eurovision. But who knows, perhaps Sacha saw a little Madonna in me!”

Tamta also said that she feels honoured because of the comparisons to Madonna. “It’s a great honour, thank you all very much. Someone like Madonna is always an inspiration for pop artists.”