Tayanna and Mélovin reach the Vidbir final in Ukraine

Tayanna has qualified for the national final of Vidbir in Ukraine. The runner-up of the final in Ukraine of 2017 was one of the three qualifiers of the second semi final with her song ‘Lelya’.

The jury winner of 2017 in Ukraine now hopes to win the final, as she nearly missed out on a Eurovision participation last year. Mélovin, who won the televote in the Ukrainian final last year, is also still in the race. This year, he takes part with the song “Under the Ladder” and even won the second semi final.

Results of semi final 2 in Ukraine

There were three tickets for the final in Ukraine, so six acts had to be eliminated in the show on Saturday. Below you see the line-up, with the points from jury+televote and the qualifiers listed in bold:

01. Ingret – “Save My Planet” – 2+3=5
02. Mélovin – “Under the Ladder” – 8+9=17
03. Julinoza – “Hto ya?” – 4+1=5
04. Tayanna – “Lelya” – 9+7=16
05. Kadnay – “Beat of the Universe” – 7+8=15

06. Yurcash – “Stop Killing Love” – 3+5=8
07. Mountain Breeze – “I See You” – 6+6=12
08. Illaria – “Syla” – 5+4=9
09. Dilemma – “Na Party” – 1+2=3