“Australia and Belarus are the winners of day 2 at JESC”

Belarus and Australia gave the strongest performances on Day 2 at Junior Eurovision in Tbilisi. Thus concludes a panel of Eurovision experts, including ESCDaily’s chief editor Steef van Gorkum.

“It was almost of adult quality, the first couple of shots looked as if Sascha Jean-Baptiste had directed them,” Van Gorkum says, and Ewan Spence from ESCInsight agrees. “Belarus could have just turned up for the liveshow on Sunday, without rehearsing, and still would have been great.”

Australia experimenting

While Belarus gave the same performances runthrough after runthrough, Isabella Clarke from Australia was still experimenting and trying out different camera angles. “They’ve now got many pieces of the jigsaw puzzle,” Lisa Jayne-Lewis points out. “And it’ll just be a matter of putting them together in the viewing room.

Jayne-Lewis particularly likes the shots on the catwalk towards the end. “It’s as if the audience looks up to her,” she states. Van Gorkum prefers the opening shot. “It’s classic Melodifestivalen, you see her, you see the audience right behind her, it looks great.”

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