Tbilisi 2017: “It could be a wonderful moment for Australia”

Be sure you tune in to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest this Sunday, because according to our chief editor at the scene, “it could be a wonderful moment for Australia” at Eurovision. He says in our special podcast about the contest in Tbilisi.

“Everyone who watches and follows ESC Daily should follow this edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Even if you normally don’t watch it, because it could really be such a wonderful moment. Australia’s first Junior Eurovision Song Contest victory,” Steef looks ahead with excitement. Listen to our full podcast below:

Malta and Belarus are lso in it, to win it

However, it is hard to say whether the online voting system will help Australia’s chances, or not. “The jury will probably go for Australia, given it’s strong vocals and flawless performance. But Malta or Belarus might do better overall in both voting systems.”