Tbilisi 2017: All rehearsals Day 2

In this article you can find in-depth analysis of the rehearsals of the second day of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017, from Albania to Ireland. If you want live updates of everything going on at the press center, please follow our Live-Blog with all the other news as well!

Right on the second day of Junior Eurovision the first rehearsals kick off. Eight courtiers take the stage of Olympic palace  in Tbilisi. The countries sing on alphabetical order and not according to the running order. Press is not allowed in the Arena until Thursday, but we will provide you with the official footage from the EBU + our commentary.


Ana Kodra wears a long light blue dress.  She stands alone on the stage and brings the song in a quite emotional way. Her vocals are good although she struggles a bit with the high notes. A tree is featured in the backdrops as she sings about saving the trees and the environment.


Misha is alone on the stage in a black fancy suit. He stands on boomerang shaped hoverboard full of energy spreading the boomerang of kindness all over the stage. With his song “Boomerang”,  Misha tries to deliver his message to the world that all the acts of  kindness come back like boomerang .  From the middle of his song he throws his boomerand and in the end he gets it back in his hands with which he tries to prove that he gets back his piece of kindness.


Isabella Clarke along with her three backing vocalist bring a cheerful mood on the stage.  She is in a silver outfit and the backdrops are colorful. Camera angels are different for each of the runthrough, however the beginning has been always the same – Isabella stands with her back to the audience looking at the camera. Backing vocalist also bring the boards with the lyrics on them.


Helena comes with the message of her song – each person is a small universe and if people believe in themselves all of their dreams will eventually come true. She starts her show standing alone in a dark universe with a bright light right in front of her face. In the beginning we see a universe with lots of stars on her backdrops. Later on some bright rose colors are added as well. Helana’s cape  is also in that very bright color.


Nicole comes on stage with her cheerful song. She is wearing a sunny orange skirt and a glossy jacket. She has three active dancers in her back as well as sunny backdrops. Later on butterfly wings are featured on the backdrops giving us the impression that the wings are Nicole’s own ones.

F.Y.R. Macedonia

Mina comes alone on stage dressed all in white. She has a white raincoat over her outfit. There are some cartooned dancers featured on the backdrops. She seems to be good with the cameras. The question is whether the shift between low-tempo verses and up-tempo choruses will work well for either juries or online voters.


Grigol brings his ballad with four backing vocalists. At the beginning we see the screen in retro styled black and white but later on turns to colorful. It seems like Grigol is not in his final outfit as for now he is wearing a white pullover. It’s all very fitting to the gospel style of the song.


Muireann comes with a simple staging and simple outfit, which doesn’t seem her official outfit. On stage she is alone with her guitar and the main color of her backdrops – turquoise. Vocals better as runthroughs progressed. Muireann comes across very confident on stage and she is a very unique personality.