Tbilisi 2017: All rehearsals Day 5

In this article you can find in-depth analysis of the rehearsals of the third day of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017, from Albania and Malta to Ukraine. If you want live updates of everything going on at the press center, please follow our Live-Blog with all the other news as well!

In the second round of the rehearsals nine countries take the stage of Tbilisi’s Olympic Palace. The countries sing on reversed alphabetical order. Press is allowed in the Arena now! So the videos here are all courtesy of Team ESCDaily, as is the commentary below.


Ana had to rehears her song yesterday, however, because of the technical issues Albanian rehearsal has been moved to today. Ana doesn’t change anything in her staging- she comes in the same light blue dress, same backdrops with the tree, and same camera angles. However, she seemed a bit less confident delivering her song with less emotions than she did during the first rehearsals. We can understand this as she might be tired of all the technical issues, shift in the schedule as well as her concentration for rehearsals both yesterday and today.


Anastasiya’s performance starts with the view of seeds growing into trees on her backdrops. Later on the camera goes to the white artificial tree on the stage with Anastasiya sitting on it along with the boy with guitar. Afterwards we also see the girl in pink playing the violin. Anastasiya is very confident on stage reacting good to cameras and demonstrating good vocals.

The Netherlands

The boyband takes over the stage. Their staging is quite simple with the main attention on the boys themselves. However the point of the concept is just the simplicity as the lack of any other similar band will make their act even more memorable. The choice of suits (in four different colors) is really strong as it emphasizes that they are similar but different at the same time. The camera keeps a mid-range shot most of the times to assure that all four boys are visible at the same time.


Serbian performance starts with the camera going above one of the girls and cello next to her. Afterwards, we are having quite distance shots while the Serbian girls are singing, like having the view of the whole stage and very little close up views on the girls themselves. The girls seem very friendly on stage enjoying their performance themselves and giving some positive energy to the audience. However, their vocals can be improved slightly.


Polina comes up with a new white outfit – short white dress and transparent white layer on it. Polina also has some feather accessories on her hair. The staging remains the same with its videoclip-like show: the story delivered though the dance performance. Backdrops make up an important part of the show where we have the room view turning on to the skyscrapers and in the end of the song- a family portrait. We have commented on the meaning of this song and show in the previous rehearsal blog right here. Cameras manage to keep everything on the shot both with close- up views as well as with distance shots so that not a single act of the performance is missed from the viewers’ eyes. Polina is confident both with vocals as well as with cameras.


Mariana takes the stage with the same outfit, black skirt and a jacket with smileys patched on it, as we have already seen at the first rehearsals. Some more smileys are quite well visible in the backdrops as well. Camera keeps on moving along with Mariana while she goes though the catwalk. At times we see also some close up views as well, especially in the last seconds of the song. She delivers the song n the same quality as she did during the last rehearsals.


Alicja’s performance starts with the a larger view to the stage which comes closer to her. There are some trees and leaves featured on the backdrops that looks good behind her. Her dress is the one we have already seen in the last rehearsal. Cameras are mainly showing close up views to Alicja. All in all very few changes to first runthrough, apart from the fact that Alicja no longer walks on the catwalk.


Gianluca starts his performance coming from catwalks to the center of the stage along with his dancers. His dancers are in the same checked skirts and Gianluca in the retro suit as we saw last time. Camera keeps on turning around going from Gialnuca to his dancers. Besides, during Maltese performance camera keeps on turning around from Gialnuca to his dancers featuring lots of views of the audience as well. His song itself is about turning round and round. The retro TVs are featured on backdrops and on retro TVs Gianluca’s videoclip itself is featured. He keeps the megaphone in the middle of the song, which is his favorite moment of his performance, as the young singer confessed to ESCDaily during the interview. Gianluca can try being a bit more smiley during his performance, as in reality Gianluca he is actually smiley and positive personality. However, during his performance he is comparably serious especially when his song is quite cheerful one.


Maria’s performance does not change from that of the first rehearsal. She has the red trousers and black jacket on her as we have already seen at the first rehearsals. Maria is featured in the backdrops and at some points we see some other episodes where she is on a swing looking happy. Later on we see some of her lyrics on backdrops. From the half of the song she starts walking through the catwalk where her performance gets over.