“Technical issues may influence Eurovision results”

eurovision stage

The technical issues that RAI is experiencing, may influence the Eurovision results. Thus concludes Steef van Gorkum, chief editor of ESCDaily, in today’s Eurovision podcast Daily Coffee. Together with Erik Bolks and Dennis van Eersel, Van Gorkum discusses what went wrong during week 1 of Eurovision rehearsals.

“Cables were pulled, the sun element does not work and the in-ear microphones are not functioning,” says Erik Bolks. Van Gorkum adds: “In 2012 and 2017 we also had inexperienced broadcasters, but they invited all the foreign help they could get. RAI may be more proud, which is why things are going messy.”

Listen to the full episode of our Eurovision podcast below:

TikTok and the Eurovision buzz on social media

Erik Bolks sees that fans are less excited about this year’s contest. “The buzz on social media is different because we were not able to watch first rehearsals.” Van Eersel then asks whether this could maybe be good for delegations, to be able to rehearse without negative comments. Bolks disagrees: “Delegations need those comments. They want that feedback. Their performances often grow better because of them.”