Düsseldorf 2011: Technical problems in semifinal one

In their press conference today, the European Broadcasting Union will address some technical problems that occurred during last night’s first semifinal of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest.

The main issue seems to be surrounding the commentary lines in several countries. Viewers in Finland reported that their commentators resorted to using their own mobile phones for part of the show, as did the commentator in Poland. Spanish viewers also reported losing sound during most of Norway’ performance. The new Executive Supervisor of the contest Jon Ola Sand told NRK.no that “it is true that Spain was hit by technical problems during the broadcast that made the sound drop out, including during Norway performing. We do not know if it was the whole of Spain, or just parts, it is too early to tell”. However, he also added that even if Spain had given it’s 12 points to Norway, Stella Mwangi would still not have qualified.

Viewers in the United Kingdom lost contact with on-location commentator Sarah Cox for part of the show, however commentary was able to continue with Scott Mills who was based in a studio in London. Viewers on BBC Three and BBC HD also reported a louder than normal vocal mix on the Polish entry, where the backing track was very low.

Ireland boadcast without commentary until song four, but did not seem to be receiving a clean feed until Azerbaijan. In Serbia, contact was lost with Duška Vučinić-Lučić and a message was displayed on screen stating that it was a problem not only affecting the RTS feed. Around 20 minutes later the Serbian broadcaster resumed commentary from Belgrade with a locally-based commentator. The Netherlands lost commentary for three songs or so, but were able to go back to a normal broadcast from then on.

Reports also suggest problems in Iceland, Malta, and Sweden, whilst host-country Germany also suffered problems on their Pro7 broadcast, meaning that the commentators had to be linked up by telephone.

The EBU is expected to address these issues at their press conference later today. Last night, Jon Ola Sand told NRK.no that “We still do not know if there are several countries that were hit by technical problems“, and that it was too early to say if audio problems may have impacted the voting.

Note: the above reports of technical problems are being reported on information from our readers, YouTube links, and national broadcasters. ESCDaily.com is not intending to blow this out of all proportion, merely to acknowledge problems reported to us in certain countries.

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