Oslo 2010: The 2nd Semi Final

Welcome to Escdaily’s live report of the 2nd Semi Final of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, Velkommen til Norge and the kickoff of the 55th edition of the Contest. Join ESC Daily as we blog along live with the event from the press centre in Oslo.

InCultoEastern European Funk

And the InCulto boys open the show with a bang and their matching plaid pants.  This has been strong since the rehearsals and everyone in the press centre cheers when the boys rip their pants off!  This is getting a great reception in here, but will Europe respond to them?

Eva RivasApricot Stone

Eva’s vocals are sounds much better than they had been sounding, the stage performance here is a little busy, but seems to be a big hit in the arena and with several of the press in here.  This seems to be a surefire qualifier tonight!

Harel SkaatMilim

Harel’s vocals had been quite shaky in the rehearsals in the past week, but they’ve changed the key around a bit and he’s doing much better tonight.  He gets a harsh reaction in the press centre, but he really did a great job considering his past few rehearsals.

Chanée & N’evergreenIn A Moment Like This

Seems that loads of people in the press centre are loving this one, but N’evergreen looks bored as ever to be there.  Vocals are fine, stage performance is fine, but this could still be in trouble…

Michael von der HeideIl Pleut de L’Or

Michael and his overdose of gold have made their way to the stage, vocals are good and the stage performance is fine, but this just doesn’t stand out amongst the other songs.  Nobody seems to be predicting to see this qualify, either…

Anna BergendahlThis Is My Life

Anna’s simplistic staging and lights in the audience are remaining strong as they were throughout the rehearsals, and Anna seems to be getting a bit choked up during the number! Everything flows nicely and this should qualify with ease.

SafuraDrip Drop

Safura is sounding better than she did in rehearsals, but this is still a bit shaky.  The staging is messy to a degree and this just doesn’t appear to be the winner people had been making it out to be.  This should definitely qualify, though.

AlyoshaSweet People

Well, the Ukrainians in the press centre are welcoming this with love!  Comparing this to the last performance, Alyosha’s vocals are great  and appearing by herself on the stage, and delivers a strong performance of a not so great song.  Could this qualify through against expectations?

SienekeIk Ben Verliefd (Sha-la-lie)

The Dutch contingent in the press centre have gone to the circus with Sieneke for the next three minutes, and many people here are thinking this could qualify through after it followed the last two songs.  this is the clapalong song this year for sure, but is just not very good at all.   In such a strong semi, there are more deserving qualifiers.

Paula Seling & OviPlaying With Fire

The press centre is dancing around to this one and everyone seems to be in agreement over this song, this is an incredibly strong performance with equally strong vocals.  This will qualify without a doubt!

Ansambel Žlindra & KalamariNarodnozabavni Rock

Well, Luke isn’t here to defend this one, and I don’t seem to have much opposition otherwise to saying this is pretty bad.  the song just isn’t good, and the staging is bizarre (along with everything else).  The vocals are fine, I think…I’m not actually sure.  This….probably won’t qualify.

Niamh Kavanagh It’s For You

Well I couldn’t hear the first 30 seconds of this as Pete Waterman (writer of the UK’s song this year) was in here shouting something undecipherable!  Niamh sounds good and looks great, but ends up not holding that last note, could that cost her a spot in the end?

MiroAngel Si Ti

As usual, Miro is turning out a good performance and a strong vocal, but this isn’t capturing the attention of the press in the centre or fans, it seems.  Nobody seems to think it’ll qualify, and it gets a cold reaction in the press centre.  However, this was definitely not the worst tonight!

Jon Lilygreen & The IslandersLife Looks Better In Spring

Jon’s turning in a solid performance tonight, and I can only assume many Brits wish this was their entry this year with Welsh Jon at the helm.  this is still not a definite qualifier, but has been getting much more support over the past few days!

FeminnemLako Je Sve

Bit of a shaky start here, but seems to be picking up and the girls are performing well.  However, it’s interesting to note that some people in the press centre think this could be thrown under the bus by Georgia (which is next) and not qualify!

Sofia NizharadzeShine

Sofia’s vocals are flawless here, and she looks beautiful.  The song is fine, but the stage performance doesn’t feel like it matches up to the song, but this is seen more and more on the qualifiers prediction lists, and gets a great reception in the press centre!

maNgaWe Could Be The Same

maNga’s performance tonight is visually the most impressive, especially on TV.  They sound great and are the perfect way to end this semi final, and should definitely be qualifying through tonight! The vocals are stronger than had been heard in rehearsals.

A recap of the 17 entries is offered for TV viewers, before a compilation of some of Eurovision’s most memorable but lowest scoring entries. Further recaps of the songs from tonight leads to the closure of the voting. The five pre-qualified entries’ preview clips get another 30-second outing.

Everyone’s best friend, Svante Stockselius, confirms that ten countries have qualified for the final from tonight. The successful countries, revealed in a ‘random’ order are…


The non-qualification of Sweden has surprised many; it was not overly well received at first but has gained good support in Oslo and was one of the more assured vocal performances. What will they do with all those glow sticks? Vocal worries from Israel, Ireland and Azerbaijan have been (to some extent) overlooked by the public and jury voters in this semifinal. Ukraine were not overly fancied despite their impeccable past qualification record, but the successes continue. The full crosstable of semifinal voting results will be made public after Saturday night’s final.

The 25 participants in the final of Eurovision 2010 are now known. Join us for detailed coverage of both semifinals tomorrow, together with the final dress rehearsal on Saturday which precedes the final at 2100 CET. You can be assured ESCDaily will bring you full blogging, webcam and press conference updates throughout the conclusion of this year’s contest.

Stand by for the winners’ press conference of semifinal two, during which the 10 new finalists will draw their positions in the final line up.