“The quality of the 2019 Eurovision final is very high”

Backstage Black and White 2019 (© Thomas Hanses)

Now that we have found the twenty qualified acts for the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, it can be seen that the field is very strong this year. “The quality of the 2019 Eurovision final is very high,” says Steef van Gorkum in our podcast Daily Coffee.

As expected, the big-3 (The Netherlands, Russia and Sweden) all qualified for the final. But based on their starting position, they might not have been the actual top-3 in the result of the second semi final. One thing we did see is that the production team indeed gave top favourite The Netherlands one of the best possible positions in the first half of the show. We already predicted this yesterday in our podcast.

In todays podcast Daily Coffee we talk about other conclusion and speculations based on that running order. Was Australia the winner of semi final one? Will Spain be the best performing Big-5 nation? Was Switzerland an intruder in the top-3 of semi final 2? These statements, and more, can be heard in the podcast below.