The Rasmus To Represent Finland at Eurovision

The Finnish Eurovision selection is complete, with The Rasmus set to represent the nation in Turin this year. The group will sing ‘Jezebel’ at the contest.

Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2022 took place tonight in Logomo in Turku. The selection, hosted by Vesala and Mmiisas, featured guest performances from Vesala and JVG.

A total of 7 acts competed in the selection. The results were decided through a mix of 25% international juries and 75% public voting.

Here are the competing acts:

  1. The Rasmus – “Jezebel”
  2. Isaac Sene – “Kuuma jäbä” (Hot dude)
  3. Olivera – “Thank God I’m an Atheist”
  4. BESS – “Ram pam pam”
  5. Younghearted – “Sun numero” (Your number)
  6. Cyan Kicks – “Hurricane”
  7. Tommi Läntinen – “Elämä kantaa mua” (Life carries me)

The Rasmus won the jury vote, receiving a total of 68 points. Bess was in second place with the jury with a total of 56 points. Rounding out the top 3 of the jury vote was Cyan Kicks with 52 points.

The televote favoured The Rasmus, receiving over 27% of the total televote. Cyan Kicks was second with the public vote, receiving over 19% of the vote. Bess was third in the televote.

With the points combined, The Rasmus could not be beaten. The group finished with a total of 310 points, with Cyan Kicks finishing in second with 221 points. Bess finished in third with 204 points.

Watch the winning performance below:

The Rasmus has been together for nearly 30 years now, and are one of Finland’s biggest music exports. Their biggest international hit is ‘In The Shadows’ which has over 100 million streams on Spotify. The group has numerous albums, and has played gigs all over the world. Next stop, Eurovision!