The third heat in Norway has been won by Emmy

Emmy performing during MGP photo: screenshot NRK

Emmy is the winner of the third heat of MGP 2021 in Norway. She won against Big Daddy Karsten in the Gold Duel in Norway with the song ‘Witch Woods.’ and will now perform in the final of Melodi Grand Prix on the 20th of February 2021.

There were two battles in heat 3 of Melodi Grand Prix. First, Big Daddy Karsten (‘Smile’) won against Dinaye (‘Own Yourself’). And thenEmmy defeated Ole Harts (‘Vi er Norge’).

The three songs that were eliminated tonight will get another chance on the 15th of February. All the eliminated songs will battle for one extra ticket to the grand final, where six songs have been pre-qualified. Tonight, Kaja Rode presented the song ‘Feel Again’ for that final.