Theme artwork for Eurovision 2019 revealed

Inspired by the Eurovision 2019 event slogan, Dare to Dream, the EBU and Israeli Host Broadcaster KAN have unveiled this year’s artwork; three triangles which, when united, shine together to create a golden star.

Revealing the concept behind the logo, Israeli Host Broadcaster KAN said: “The triangle, one of the world’s oldest shapes, is a cornerstone symbol found universally in art, music, cosmology and nature, representing connection and creativity. As the triangles join and combine, they become a new single entity reflecting the infinite stellar sky, as the stars of the future come together in Tel Aviv for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest,” explained upon revealing the icon.

The stage design

This year’s logo takes inspiration from Florian Wieder’s stage design, whose concept uses triangular shapes and structures. You can see a first artist impression of the stage below: